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I'm a Vancouver based photographer who enjoys attending pop culture  conventions striving to capture creativity in action.

I update my work daily on instagram, @justin.cosplay.

If you find yourself featured in any of my photos/videos, feel free to use my captures on your social media accounts; however, I do kindly request that you tag me in such posts (in the photo as well as in the description, as it can be much more difficult for me to find when this is not done).

If you would like high resolution non-watermarked images, you may purchase them through the site for a small fee (else, you could use the ko-fi link and send me a msg).

Please contact me if you would like me to remove any photos you’d rather not have posted or if you’d like print rights to the photos.

If you'd like to help fund my convention adventures and to help cover the costs of hosting this site, you can donate here...

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